are your presentation skills helping or hurting you?

How long do you hold attention when talking to your work teams, your clients and customers and while giving presentations to small and large audiences?  Do your ideas get through? Are your listeners even listening? How do you know?  What are you doing that's getting in the way? Do any of these annoying behaviors describe the way you deliver a presentation?

  • Do you talk in a monotone? 
  • Do you use way too many annoying filler-words?
  • What about uptalk or vocal fry? 
  • Do you read from your slides like a teleprompter? 
  • Are your slides too technical or cluttered with wordy text and busy charts? 
  • Do you talk too fast, too slow, at too high a pitch? 
  • Do you stand stiff and rigid or slowly rock back and forth? 
  • Are your gestures random, erratic, loose and wobbly like a rag doll? 
  • Do you lock your arms in front or in back or put your hands in your pockets? 
  • Do you stare aimlessly at the floor or pan your eyes from one side to another? 
  • Do you say too much or not enough?
  • Do you expect people to read your slides and listen to you at the same time?
  • Do you suddenly hesitate and fill the room with silence for seconds at a time? 
  • Are you long-winded? 
  • Are your presentations dull and boring?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are diluting your message, losing attention, and yielding to your competition.

We at PresenterPro are consultants in Professional Presentation Design and Delivery. 

We can help you 

  • eliminate annoying distractions 
  • design professional-quality presentations and 
  • develop presentation skills that capture attention, project your confidence and expertise, and enable you to deliver a compelling and memorable message.



Your listeners expect compelling information delivered with clarity and vitality. If they get it -they will listen.  Anything else - they will tune you out and move on.   

  • Speak with a robust voice, look at them when you talk, show slides that focus attention, tell them stories that tantalize imagination, and give them value by starting and ending with a compelling point - they will listen
  • Bore them with a monotone voice, distract them nervous gestures, confuse them with cluttered slides, and anger them with evasive answers to sincere questions - they will ignore what you say and turn to others for the solutions they seek.

If you present poorly, your credibility will be questioned, your brand tarnished, and your career can falter placing your livelihood in jeopardy. 

Getting your point across with a vibrant voice, purposeful gestures, smooth phrases, strategic pauses, engaging eye contact, provocative stories, strategically designed slides, and answers to questions that satisfy even the most challenging audiences - these are just some of the essential skills to deliver a presentation that motivates, informs, inspires, energizes, and drives results.  

 Presentation Excellence is a Business Differentiator. PresenterPro can help you get there.


the learn to present academy


Build your presentation skills through online training

We offer a complete online learning system to build your presentation skills

Learning solutions for beginning to advanced presenters

Our online curriculum is designed to assess and improve presentation skills ranging from beginning presenters with little or no experience to advanced presenters who want to tune-up their skills and become recognized for their presentation excellence.

Enroll in one course or the complete the entire learning system

Our courses are designed to be completed one at a time or as an entire package from the foundation course through the specialized topics.

Assessments, demonstrations, quizzes, and practice

Each course includes a skills-assessment, demonstrations that model the target skills, quizzes to test mastery of the course material, and many opportunities for practice.

Take a look at the courses you'll find at the Academy

The Foundations Course


This course will introduce you to a complete learning system that covers how to make a key point, deliver it with a vibrant voice and meaningful gestures, design effective slides, tell compelling stories, and more.

The Listener's Point of View


Your listeners want to know why they should listen, what to remember, and what they should do. This course will teach you how to design and deliver your presentations from Your Listener's Point of View.

Dynamic Speaking


Too many presenters speak in a monotone voice delivering dull and boring presentation. This course will teach you how to develop a robust, vibrant, and powerful speaking voice.

Engaging Eye Contact and Gestures


Most listeners won't pay attention for more than a few seconds unless your presentation skills energize them. This course will teach you how to use eye contact and gestures to focus attention and keep them listening.

Slide Design and Delivery


Busy, text-heavy, and cluttered slides confuse and annoy an audience and tarnish your professional image. This course teaches how to design and deliver meaningful slides that focus attention and convey even complex information simply and meaningfully.

Managing Questions and Answers


Many presenters fear losing control, feeling overwhelmed, and becoming embarrassed when questions come their way. This course covers how to strategically answer questions to make your point  meaningfully, memorably, and with confidence. 

Telling Captivating Stories


Story telling is one of the most powerful and memorable ways to deliver a message. This course will teach you a step-by-step method for creating and telling stories to make your point, make it stick, and keep it in  the minds of your listeners for a long time.

Eliminating Filler Words


There's nothing more annoying than listening to a presenter whose every other words are "uh," "um," or "you know." This course will teach you a proven method for eliminating annoying filler words. so you can  sound more prepared, confident, and professional.

Conquer Your Fear of Speaking


Nearly all of us have some fear of speaking. But when that fear stops us from communicating with confidence, the impact can ruin a professional image and even destroy a career. This course will teach you how to replace that fear with self-confidence.

The Fear of Speaking Test


Take this simple test to find out how your fear of speaking compares to others. Is it normal and easy to manage? Is it so extreme that it interferes with you self-confidence. Find out confidentially and in just a few minutes by taking this test.

Assess Your Presentation Skills


How does your audience judge you when you deliver a presentation - great speaker or dull and boring? This simple self-assessment will help you find out quickly and easily. 

The Complete Learning System


Get a huge discount by enrolling in The Complete Learning System - every course we offer, every assessment we have available. And best of all, it comes with a 30-minute one-on-one coaching session with one of our expert instructors.

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our professional coaching services

The most effective way to improve your presentation skills is through one-on-one coaching.  Our Professional Coaching Services are private, discrete, confidential, and can be scheduled to meet your needs.

Our Just-in-Time Coaching can help you prepare for your next presentation, even if only days away. Well help you hone your speaking skills, get your slides into tip-top shape, and calm your nerves.

The fee for our Professional Coaching Services is $350.00 per hour. We can conduct the sessions during weekdays, weekends, and some evenings using video platforms including Skype and Zoom.

For immediate help with an upcoming presentation, call us at 314-420-1907 or email us We'll do our best to work you into our coaching schedule as soon as possible. 

If you would like more information, we'll be happy to schedule a complimentary consultation. 


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